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The Greenbox story begins with Luke & Nathan Harwell. Having grown up in the cut flower industry, Luke chose the industry as his career path in May of 2002 and took over as President of Baack's Florists and Greenhouses in January of 2008. It took little time for Luke to become extremely dissatisfied with the business model that has taken over the cut flower industry: order gatherers underselling and taking such large cuts that there is no profit left in the sales they generate.

In 2009 Luke and Nathan began formulating a business model that brings individual creativity, control of existing inventory, and profit back to the local florist and gives true choice and excitement back to the consumer.

Luke and Nathan began putting together a team of creative, high character individuals who understood and shared their vision for change. Together they have created a unique and exciting solution that will put amazing technology into the hands of local flower shops, bridging the gap between florists and customers with no special technical skill required.

The Greenbox team's vision for the future is bright, and they're excited to join you in creating the change this industry needs.

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