Frequently Asked Questions

  1. My shop is really unique. Will Greenbox Floral work for me?

    Yes. In fact, your originality is what makes Greenbox the best solution for your shop. Rather than simply offering the generic "roundy moundy" bouquets offered through a typical wire service, you'll be able to show off your unique creativity by creating whatever you can dream up. Additionally, you can be creative with how you display your arrangements. Our webcams only require a power outlet, so anywhere you can run an extension cable, you can mount, set, or hang a webcam and show off your products: in the cooler, outside the cooler, through the glass, in the greenhouse, or on the shop floor. Your creativity will be highlighted, not limited, by Greenbox.

  2. Will I have to cancel my contract with another wire service?

    Absolutely not. You are free to use any other services you like. Greenbox simply creates the opportunity for more 100% business than you're getting otherwise.

  3. I'm so busy. Would I have to keep my display full?

    Yes. However, we're florists too, and we've implemented Greenbox in our shop and in the shops of many other florists. It's been our experience that this is an easier transition than most people think. Knowing that Internet customers can view your display live anytime will keep you accountable to stay ahead of the production curve. In the long run, our designers have found this added motivation very helpful. And just think of the increased profits that will be gained from a little extra effort.

  4. I don't have a website. Do I need one to use Greenbox?

    No. Greenbox is a fully-functional fully-customizable e-commerce solution that can easily function as your shop's only website. You can even specify your own unique web address (URL).

  5. I already have a website. Can I still use Greenbox?

    Absolutely! Whether you self-host or use a site hosted by another service, you can simply add a link to your existing site that directs users to your custom Greenbox site. If you'd like Greenbox will provide a custom splash page that provides an easy way back to your main site. On self-hosted sites, your Greenbox store can even be embedded directly into a page on your existing website. Contact us for more details.

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